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Small Gifts, Big Impact

NYC's YMCA Camps — August 25, 2017


You may have heard the saying, “The most you can do is the least you can do.” Folks often assume there is not much they can do personally to make an impact on whatever avenue they feel connected to. This is often the case when it comes to making donations. Having money to spare, especially enough to make a difference, is difficult, so reasoning follows that what little I have certainly won’t make a difference. Yet it is often the least we can do that impacts the most. We’ve seen this happen numerous times.

When Steve Fullerton made a decision to take the Polar Plunge to raise scholarship funds at 7:00 am one brisk October morning, he was followed into the chilly waters by four others. His challenge made a bigger splash than he anticipated!
When one of our young campers, Cate Jennings, decided to clean her room and have a yard sale last year, she decided to send the $90 raised to camp so a camper in need could benefit. That act of giving set her on a road to childhood philanthropy. This year it was her cupcake sale she held at one of her games. Her effort was posted on facebook and folks took to her timeline in force inspired by her giving heart. Several cupcakes sold for $50 or more! This all because the least she could do was actually the most.

And now, when an alumna of Camp Talcott considers the milestones of her life as she turns 28, she remembers her time at camp many years earlier…the campers, the joy, the friends. Deciding commemorating her birthday is a great opportunity to give back, she has undertaken a simple effort that is now energizing donations on a wider scale than she could give on her own. With her goal to send 3 kids to camp in 2018, Bernadette Anat, has hit YouTube with such enthusiasm, we have to share it with you, because…you never know how much the little you can do counts!

For more information about ways to help, please contact me. Or simply click here, to give what you can. Together we can make a huge difference!

With gratitude,

Nancy Reichert
Director of Fund Development & Alumni Relations…and proud Camp Alum!