Our Curriculum

Through guided discovery, communal living, hands on exploration, and social engagement with peers, students build character, confidence, and expand their understanding of the natural world.

Our 18,000 sq. ft. education building serves purely as a supplement to our real classroom: the 1,150 acres of diverse flora & fauna that surround us. Our classes are supportive tools for teachers to use as an extension or as a complement to the traditional in-school curriculum. All classes adhere to New York State Department of Education standards.

Our major program areas are detailed below.
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Environmental Science

From pollination to photosynthesis, animal adaptations to food chains, and symbiosis to sublimation, students gain a better understanding our intricate ecosystems.

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Local History

Exploring a range of historical artifacts, tools, and practices, students learn how Native Americans and early settlers worked, played, and lived centuries ago in this very area.

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Outdoor Living Skills

Knowledge of the outdoor world—how to live in it & how to protect it—gives students a sense of mastery and a stronger connection to nature.

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Challenge & Adventure

Our wide range of team building activities teach communication, empathy, social problem solving and leadership, while fostering an increased sense of unity in the peer group.

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Evening Programs

Special evening programs and speakers ensure each day ends in a fun and memorable way.

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