Challenge & Adventure

Team Building

Participants of all ages can participate in our ground-based team building initiatives. Participants must think creatively, work as a team, and communicate effectively in order to solve a variety of compelling problems and tasks. These initiatives can be physical, mental, or both.

Low Ropes Course

3rd Grade +

Our low ropes course provides both a personal and team challenge through various elements without the height or harness element. This course provides a good combination of group support, trust, and personal challenges. Due to the location of our Low Ropes Course, this activity may not be available during your stay.

Climbing Tower

5th grade +

At “Thorne Mountain,” participants are faced with a 30-foot tower with 3 separate climbing surfaces of increased difficulty. Teacher/chaperone assistance is required for supervision. Participants are required to wear the provided harness and helmet. Alternatively, we also have an indoor climbing wall located in the Field House.

High Team Elements

6th grade +

Our high team elements incorporate both the element of individual challenge with teambuilding aspects. Each of the elements incorporates the entire group, eliminates waiting around by those who are not actively climbing, and requires teamwork and communication for success. At least 30 minutes of team ground initiatives is required prior to participating in any of our high team elements. All of our high team elements require participants to wear the provided harness and helmet and teacher/chaperone assistance may be required.

Cardboard Boat Regatta


The regatta is unique teambuilding experience which incorporates communication, planning & execution along with some ingenuity. Teams are provided cardboard and tape and must design and construct a life-size boat in which either one of the participants or one of teachers/chaperones will get in at the pond and race. Conditions-dependent, this event can be modified for the winter months: “The Iditarod.”

The Beast

Commonly compared to a more in-depth and complex game of “telephone,” groups are challenged to recreate “the beast” using a series of stations and relying heavily on excellent communication skills.

1-Match Fire-Building Challenge

6th grade +

Relying on complex planning and communication skills, groups are challenged to build a small fire using just one match.