Local History

Living with
the Land

Transported back in time to a small cabin in the woods without electricity or running water, participants experience life as it would have been for pioneers and early settlers in the 19th century. Groups participate in hands-on activities from building and learning to use hand tools, to games settler children used to play. Students will learn how people once lived off the land by utilizing medicinal plants, wild edibles and fruit trees, maple sugaring, and the use of natural products to build homes and boundaries.

Maple Sugaring


During the maple sugar season, Greenkill taps its “sugar bush” to collect the sweet sap of the sugar maple. Participants learn how identify sugar maples, how to tap a tree, and about the process of boiling sap down in our evaporator. Native American legends and pioneer history of maple sugaring are a part of this activity as well.

Native American Studies

Students will learn about the Lenape Native American tribe that inhabited this area of New York. We will look at what daily life and family structure was like for them and compare and contrast it to ours today. Students will also participate in a variety of Native American games and will learn about the important life skills that they were designed to teach. This class calls on many aspects of our Living with the Land class (above).