Outdoor Living Skills


This class utilizes and teaches modern technology while allowing students to explore our property and find hidden boxes or caches. This class will open with a discussion on what GPS technology is, how it works, and the history of GPS in the United States followed by an application of the technology.

Map & Compass

This activity will familiarize students with the main components of all maps, the history of map making, and some different types of maps and their uses. It will also include how a compass works, the history of magnetic compasses, and how to find and take a bearing. Students may even get to go out and explore the trails using their new skills on our map adventure course.


This activity places participants in mock situations where they can develop basic survival skills. They must work as a group to “survive”. The prioritization of basic needs is stressed and students will gain practical critical thinking skills too. Participants are introduced to basic shelter building and fire making techniques. Though participants may never face this type of survival situation it involves them being hands on in the outdoors and encourages teamwork and critical thinking skills.


Lifeguard/Conditions Dependent

Water safety equipment and techniques are stressed so that the sport is safe and enjoyable. Students will learn the proper means of entrance and exit as well as paddling techniques for controlling their direction of travel. This activity is conducted with our certified lifeguards and all participants must participate in a safety orientation before canoeing and wear the provided PFD at all times. Teacher assistance is required to assist in supervision and lookout ratios to meet standards. This activity can only run if the sum of the water and air temperatures meet at least 100⁰F.

Snow Shoeing/
Cross-Country Skiing

Conditions Dependent

Students will be instructed in the proper use and technique of cross-country skiing. Following this introduction, they will be led on a beginner’s tour through meadow trails beneath snow-bent cedar trees. Advanced tours are available for older groups and can be combined with interpretive classes. Greenkill will supply all equipment.

Snow Tubing

Conditions Dependent

If the weather is cooperative in the winter, students can tube down a groomed tubing run on the hill behind the Greenkill Dining Hall onto the frozen pond.