Our program staff have extensive training and experience in group facilitation and team building, and our facility includes a wide variety of fun and challenging activities. Allow us to help bring your group closer together, enhance trust, improve communication, and build positive relationships. In addition to team building activities, Greenkill offers a wide range of recreational activities to fill your down time, and to create a shared positive experience for your group. Below is a sampling of our program offerings. Our Retreats Coordinator is happy to assist in tailoring a schedule that best fits your group’s unique needs.

Team Building and
Challenge Activities

Team Building

Low Elements and Ground Initiatives

Participants of all ages can participate in our ground-based team building initiatives. Participants must think creatively, work as a team, and communicate effectively in order to solve a variety of compelling problems and tasks. These initiatives can be physical, mental, or both.

Low Ropes Course

With team building elements no more than 3’ off the ground, the low ropes course provides a challenge without the height or harness element. This course provides a combination of group support, trust, and personal challenges. Due to the nature of this course, there is a limit to the size of group/school that can comprehensively work through the course with a quality outcome.

Climbing Tower

At “Thorne Mountain,” participants are faced with a 30-foot tower with 3 separate climbing surfaces of increased difficulty. Alternatively, there is an indoor climbing wall with two climbing surfaces (located in the Field House). Participants are required to wear a helmet and harness, furnished by Greenkill. This activity is not recommended for large groups as it is individually-focused. 5th Grade and up and teacher/chaperone assistance is required.

High Team Elements*

Greenkill has 3 high team elements that are specifically designed for groups of 10 or more. Each of the elements incorporates the entire group through belaying and assistance from the ground. Participants are required to wear a helmet and harness, furnished by Greenkill. Appropriate for grade 6 and up; requires teacher/chaperone assistance.

Silver Swing

This exciting activity is a high rope activity that incorporates personal challenge with a thrilling “ride.” More fun than challenge, the Silver Swing allows participants to be pulled up by their teammates to 50’ in the air before being released to swing back and forth. Appropriate for grades 5 and up; requires teacher/chaperone assistance.

Please note: Our Silver Swing was damaged during the recent winter storms and is currently out of service. We are expecting it to be operational by summer.

*It is highly recommended that a session of team building take place prior to participating in a High Team Element as a certain level of communication and trust must be developed between the participants and between the Greenkill staff facilitator and the participants.

Recreational Activities


Lifeguard/Conditions Dependent

Enjoy canoeing, kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding on one of our three beautiful lakes.  No experience required!  This activity is overseen by our YMCA-certified lifeguards. All participants must participate in a safety orientation prior to boating and wear the provided PFD at all times. For groups with children and/or young teens, chaperone/teacher supervision is also required.


Looks inviting, right? Greenkill has miles of beautifully groomed hiking trails, for every level of experience and stamina. Check out our waterfall, the rock pool, some incredible vistas, and so much more. The possibilities are endless and there is always something new to discover.


Love to fish or ready to learn? Fairly stocked with bass and pickerel, our three beautiful lakes provide you a great opportunity. Guests should bring their own fishing gear. Weather permitting, we even ice fish!

Snow Shoeing/Cross-Country Skiing

Conditions Dependent

Guests will be instructed in the proper use and technique of cross-country skiing or snoeshowing. Following, they will be led on a beginner’s tour through meadow trails beneath snow-bent cedar trees. Advanced tours are available for older groups and can be combined with interpretive classes. Greenkill will supply all equipment.

Snow Tubing

Conditions Dependent

If the weather is cooperative in the winter, guests can tube down a groomed tubing run on the hill behind the Greenkill Dining Hall onto the frozen pond.

Ice Skating

Conditions Dependent

Again, with a deep enough freeze, our lake is open for skating, hockey and broomball.  We do have some skates available to lend, but sizes are limited. Guests are encouraged to bring their own equipment, if possible.

Outdoor Education

For groups interested in learning more about the environment, our staff of naturalists offer a wide range of lessons and activities, including but not limited to pond & stream ecology, wildlife studies, fire building & outdoor living skills, forest ecology, geo-caching, and geology. Learn more about our outdoor education curriculum here.