Why Sleepaway Camp?

For parents who did not attend sleepaway camp as a child, it is sometimes difficult to convey what is so magical about going away to camp. Simply put, sleepaway camp provides children with experiences they just don’t get anywhere else. Whether your child is a young McAlister camper going away from home for the first time, or an experienced Talcott teen eager to explore the world beyond their immediate community, our sleepaway camps will provide kids with a chance to grow, learn, make incredible friends, establish close ties to counselors that are true role models, and become the best version of themselves.

At both Camp McAlister and Camp Talcott, campers get the chance to become more self-reliant and confident, and learn what it means to be an active and engaged member of a community.

Campers also get a chance to move outside their comfort zone through trying new activities and mastering new skills, playing a part in a goofy skit at assembly, or befriending a fellow camper whose background is very different from their own.

In our tech-saturated world, campers get a chance to unplug and to embrace the moment–to enjoy the beauty of a sunset, to be awed by the majesty of a stand of pines, to experience the thrill of capturing the flag for your team on the big field, or the warmth of a campfire and the circle of friends that surround it.

Finally, campers get a chance to be part of traditions that have been passed down from one generation of campers to the next for over a century.