Cabin Life

Cabin life is at the heart of your child’s camp experience because their cabin mates will become their first and closest friends while at camp (and beyond!). Our cabins are designed to house 6 campers and 2 counselors in a setting that is warm, rustic, and inclusive. Counselors are carefully trained to create a safe environment that fosters mutual respect and caring.

With support as needed, campers learn to manage their personal space/needs and share responsibility for cabin cleanliness and daily chores, resulting in a growth in independence and maturity that is striking to most parents, even after a single session.

Each cabin is grouped in a small, same-aged and gender cluster called a Division, which forms the foundation of a child’s camp experience. Programs such as Morning Assembly and Camp Olympics allow campers to cheer for and compete alongside their Division mates, creating lifelong friendships and a sense of belonging, while developing teamwork and leadership skills.