Food, Health & Wellness


We provide meals that support a healthy, active lifestyle. Kid-friendly meals are prepared with fresh ingredients by our expert staff. Each day begins with a wholesome breakfast, afternoons are energized with a nourishing lunch plus a mid-afternoon snack, and a hearty supper wraps up the evening. Our meals are 100% delicious, 100% filling, and 100% kid-approved.

Every moment at camp is a learning opportunity and a chance for building relationships, and mealtimes are no different. Each cabin has its own table in either the Camp McAlister or Camp Talcott dining halls. Cabin divisions share responsibility for setting tables and simple clean-up at the end of the meal. Meals are served buffet-style with both hot and cold choices.

Buffet-style meals include:

  • Fresh salad or breakfast bar offering a wide variety of choices
  • A selection of fresh fruit
  • Lean meats
  • Vegetarian entrée options
  • Whole wheat pastas
  • Homemade breads and muffins
  • Whole grain breakfast cereals
  • Regular, skim and chocolate milk
  • 100% fruit juices

We are happy accommodate a wide variety of dietary needs including vegetarians, gluten-free campers and many religion-based food restrictions. Furthermore, we take food allergies very seriously. All three of our dining halls are nut free, and care is taken to communicate about and manage other potential allergens. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your child’s dietary needs, please do not hesitate to contact Steve Sumnick, our Food Service Director at

Health & Wellness

Each of our camp programs has their own health center, which is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a certified nurse or EMT. Our Health Director, a registered nurse with many years of camp experience, provides on-site supervision to our health staff between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM, and on an as needed basis at night. Numerous members of the staff at each of our three camps are certified in CPR for the Professional Rescuer and Advanced First Aid.

The health centers at both Camp McAlister and Camp Talcott are designed to provide a warm, nurturing environment for campers, whether they are paying a quick visit to get a band-aid or staying overnight due to a contagious illness. Our health staff manages camper medical records with care and expertise, administer over the counter and prescription medication according to physician- and parent-approved plans, and offer on-site care for all minor injuries and illnesses.

In the rare situation when an injury or illness exceeds the scope of care possible on-site, campers are transported to either our local urgent care facility or the emergency room. Parents are notified as soon as possible about any significant medical issues involving their children and are encouraged to contact our nurses directly with any questions or concerns regarding their child’s care while at camp.