Camp Talcott

Ages 11-14

Just up the hill from Camp McAlister, Camp Talcott provides the perfect next step for pre-teens and young teenagers ready to expand their horizons. Living closely together with their counselors and cabin mates, Talcott campers learn to take responsibility for their own needs, to negotiate communal living and build strong and lasting friendships. Leaving behind pressures to be constantly “connected,” campers learn to be present in the moment, to more fully appreciate the beauty around them, and to be their best selves.  Learn more about Cabin Life here.

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Recognizing that teens crave independence, but still need a structured, safe environment to express themselves, Camp Talcott allows teens the opportunity to shape their own camp experience. After sampling a wide range of camp activities on the first day of each session, Talcott campers can select specific activities to explore in more depth during the remainder of the session.

Our counselors and program staff are carefully trained to help campers learn new skills, build self-esteem and a sense of mastery in program areas such as sports, the arts, the natural environment, adventure, and on the water. Whether they are mastering the perfect free throw, reaching new heights on our high ropes elements, throwing a clay pot in ceramics, or learning to wakeboard, there is always something new to experience.  Learn more about our camp activities here.

Cabin life and daily activities are supplemented by special programming in the evenings and on weekends. Ranging from a camp-out under the stars with the other campers in their division, trying to identify “who done it” in an camp wide game of human clue, representing their team in the all camp NCAA-style tournament, campers build strong bonds with their peers and counselors, and make memories that last well past the end of camp. Our all camp Olympics–in which campers and staff representing four different countries compete in a wide range of athletic, creative, intellectual and goofy contests–is a tradition that has been in place for over 50 years, and is one of the most highly anticipated and fun events of the summer.

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