Bob Costas, Camp McAlister alumnus,
introduces the New York YMCA Camp’s 100-Year Anniversary!

Tellabrationˌ   teləˈbrāSH(ə)n,    noun:  Definition:  The action of marking one’s pleasure at an important event or occasion by engaging in storytelling, typically camp-related.

Here’s how our Tellabration works:

Think about a specific time at camp that holds significance for you – maybe a quiet moment by the lake or a particularly funny skit, maybe a challenge you overcame or someone special you met at camp.  Tell us about it.

Don’t get hung up on form.  Just give us the story.  If you are doing a video, it’s totally OK to do it with your phone.  You can submit a written story or and audio file – whatever works.

Email your story to us:

We’ll be sharing  stories throughout the year – in bits and pieces, some in their entirety.  We are going to hang onto some of them for a while to get the timing right.

On January 24, 2019 (SAVE THE DATE!!!!!)  We will present some of the most significant/moving/entertaining/important stories at a live Tellabration Finale at the Little Theater of the West Side YMCA.  Stay tuned for more details.

Submit way more than one story.  This is our history!  If you are wondering what to share, visit our facebook group for ideas:

You can also visit our pop-up video storytelling booth at a New York YMCA Camp event:

Women’s Wellness (May 18-20 & November 9-11)

All Together Now (Memorial day weekend)

Summer Family Camp ( August 31-September 3)